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Amber Coffee Goat milk soap

Amber Coffee Goat milk soap

  • LUXURY BATH SOAPS are made with goat milk that will leave your skin super soft and nourished.
  • NATURAL EXFOLIANT ACTION: We use natural coffee for a great scrub and smooth skin
  • NATURAL COLOURS: Enjoy the manly Dark coloring to the bar from the coffee extract. This complements our amazing Distinctive opulence of amber balanced with the calming notes of Amber and sandalwood fragrance.
  • FREE FROM: Preservatives, Sulphates, Palm Oil. We don't intend to impact the environment by using any non-sustainable sources.
  • VEGETARIAN: Please don't eat it but our soap is Vegetarian Friendly  we use synthetic fragrance substitutes for musk AND WE NEVER EVER test on animals or use ingredients that have been